POSTED 04.30.2018

This week we are really appreciating the beauty of teak! Teak outdoor furniture has been around forever, along with cast iron, teak is one of the outdoor originals!
2018 in outdoor is all about organic, lux and comfort! Mixing teak into a space instantly adds warmth, texture, character and prestige. We would add teak to every space if we could!
Teak is an easy mix with woven resins, aluminum or stainless steel. Use it in a traditional setting or sleek and modern, it can work in absolutely any space!
As the strongest wood for outdoors, teak can be passed down by generation. A common myth that we hear with teak outdoor furniture is “I don’t want all of the maintenance”.  We say let teak naturally patina and enjoy that gorgeous silver grey and it will be no maintenance at all! Clean when needed using water and a pinch of bleach to cut any unwanted dirt mold or mildew from the winter months.
Visit our GTA showrooms, Markham or Mississauga to see how you can use teak in your space.

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